Breakfast & Tea Club

We offer Breakfast and Tea Clubs for Nursery children and the Foundation stage and Infants from the Primary School.

We offer this facility as “optional” due to our stakeholders not all requiring wrap around care.

We open at 7.30am each morning and offer the children a wide range of breakfast items such as cereals, yoghurts, toasted items, fruit juice, milk or water.

The school children are dropped off safely at their classrooms or to the playground dependent on their age.

School children attending for tea are collected from their classrooms at the end of the school day.

There is the option to stay until 4.50pm (children are given a snack around 3.45pm) or can stay up until 5.30pm (children are given a cooked tea at around 4.30pm)

Staff are well qualified and experienced. Teaching is rooted in a superb understanding of how children learn.