Healthy Eating

Healthy children is of paramount importance to us and we aim to achieve this through physical activity, emotional stability and mental health awareness and of course, healthy eating.

Our menus follow the guidelines of Children’s Food Trust for Public Health England which have suggested menus and portion sizes. We prepare breakfasts, snacks and teas on the premises.

Lunches are cooked by the Primary School’s cook based on recipes devised by nutritionists from Essentials.

“Children’s food preferences and eating habits are formed early in life with consequences for a range of health and development outcomes in later life. It is therefore important that the food offered in early years settings provides appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients and encourages the development of healthy eating habits in young children, both to support appropriate growth and development, and as part of national priorities to reduce childhood obesity and ensure every child has the best start in life.”

Parents are also permitted to send in packed lunches provided they follow the Nursery’s Policy and guidance on Healthy Lunch boxes and do not contain any sweets or nut products.